Payment perspectives and future-gazing

In this episode of the JCB Gateway To Growth podcast Victoria Perea Usher, VP Marcomms, sits down with Andrew Mitchell, VP Development and Infrastructure Support at JCB International (Europe) Ltd to discuss current and future payment trends.

Payment Perspectives and Future Gazing

Topics explored:

  • Consumer shopping and payment trends accelerated by recent events
  • How merchants need to respond to these changes
  • Why security is the number one priority for creating trust
  • How technological and regulatory innovation will come from collaboration

Key discussion points:

  • 8:20 - Mobile-initiated contactless transactions
  • 13:45 - Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)
  • 15:55 - Cryptographic networks
  • 19:12 - The importance of tech partnerships and collaboration groups
  • 24:05 - Financial inclusion

About the podcast:

Gateway To Growth is a podcast series from JCB International focused on all things payments related and the trends and innovations that are driving growth in this sector.

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