Click into place – Cart Abandonment in Ecommerce

In the latest episode of Gateway to Growth, Yvonne Szeto, Vice President Commercial APAC at Worldpay, joins Nick Fisher, General Manager UK, JCB International (Europe) Ltd. to discuss cart abandonment in ecommerce, with a particular lens on Asian consumers.

Topics explored:

Hosted by Victoria Perea-Usher, Vice President, Marketing Communications at JCB International (Europe) Ltd., the discussion includes an in-depth look at cart abandonment from the perspective of merchant, payment provider, and customer. You will learn about market-specific trends as well as causes of cart abandonment, ways to reduce abandonment rates, and how things like security and local payment options can ensure successful checkouts.
Plus, discover how companies like JCB International and Worldpay are supporting merchants on their journey to efficient ecommerce.

Key discussion points:

• 3:55 Is cart abandonment a big problem? If so, why?
• 8:28 Ecommerce shopping habits of Asian consumers
• 20:50 Ways to meet different customer expectations
• 26:10 Common themes from top performing European retailers
• 29:15 Importance of multi-currency processing
• 33:15 Balancing fraud prevention and increased profits
• 38:22 Alternative payment methods and their impact
• 40:00 How to entice lapsed customers to return to their carts
• 42:25 Unified strategies across mobile and desktop payments
• 45:09 Optimizing multi-step purchases like airline tickets
• 47:18 Sales strategies and discounts – the pros and cons
• 50:05 Making the payments journey more secure

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About the podcast:

Gateway To Growth is a podcast series from JCB International focused on all things payments related and the trends and innovations that are driving growth in this sector.

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