India as a Growth Market

In this episode of the JCB Gateway To Growth podcast, Satoru Mori, Managing Director at JCB Card International (South Asia) Pvt. Ltd. and Richard Anderson, SVP & Business Head at JCB Card International (South Asia) Pvt. Ltd. discuss about the rapid growing market of India and how European merchants may tap into the prospective economy.

Topics explored:

Hosted by Victoria Perea-Usher, Vice President, Marketing Communications at JCB International (Europe) Ltd., the podcast features the trio speaking about India’s trending commerce and the typical spending behaviors of Indian customers, especially inbound and outbound travelers, from luxury savvies to backpackers. The deep dive into JCB Indian cardmembers demographics offer insights for any business planning to seize the opportunities of the thriving Indian card spending population.

What’s more, learn how JCB collaborates with merchant partners to make the buying experience for Indian cardmembers more special.

Key discussion points:

  • 5:20 -  India – the market with growing momentum
  • 9:30  -  JCB as a trusted partner amidst India’s flourishing economy
  • 12:38 - What a typical Indian’s spending patterns would be
  • 19:20 - Travelers are back! How are they driving in-store spends as a power engine?
  • 20:42 - Ecommerce trends for Indian shoppers
  • 23:26 - Tips for merchants to reach the hearts of Indian consumers

About the podcast:

Gateway To Growth is a podcast series from JCB International focused on all things payments related and the trends and innovations that are driving growth in this sector.

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