Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?

The Payments Hub website may use visitor access logs to the site (IP address and browsing history), cookies and web beacons for the following reasons. The information collected using these does not contain any personal information.

1) To provide optimal contents and services to the visitor.
2) To prevent unauthorized access.
3) To research the number of site users and traffic.

A cookie is a file stored on a site users device has information about site user history and data entered on the site that is exchanged between the visitors device and the site when the user visits the site. A web beacon is an invisible image on the web site page that collects information about the customer's viewing history.

What Are Cookies Used For?

Cookies are used to collect information about visitors and their devices in order to make this site easier to use and to better tailor the website to visitor interests and needs - these are known as "performance cookies". Cookies are also used to adjust the visitor's experience on this site such as to record cookie preferences - these are known as "functionality cookies".

Cookies set by this website are known as "first party cookies". Some cookies expire on closing the browser session ("session cookies"); others will have later expiry dates ("persistent cookies"). Please read the Google Analytics Terms of Service for more information on cookies set on the devices of visitors to this website.

Most internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, internet browsers can be set to refuse cookies or to alert when cookies are being sent. Cookies can also be deleted. Please note that if you disable cookies that we use, the operation of this website may be affected.

By clicking "I agree." button which is appears on the Homepage, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. We do not use any performance cookies unless you provide us with your consent.

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