Partnership to Flourish - The Luxury Consumer Experience

In our new podcast episode, Graham Stanford, Senior Partnership Director at The Bicester Collection, discusses the value behind partnerships in elevating the customer experience to the next level and how businesses can ensure long-term success by picking the right partners.

Topics explored:

Hosted by Victoria Perea-Usher, Vice President, Marketing Communications at JCB International (Europe) Ltd., the podcast shares insightful details about the success story of The Bicester Collection featuring luxury shopping villages, and how the brand continues to stay ahead of the curve by introducing new and innovative methods such as virtual shopping. The discussion also offers a deep dive into some of the emerging trends in the market, such as unified commerce and omnichannel customer experiences, and the role of partnerships to create special moments for the customers looking to get more out of their shopping experience.

Lastly, you can learn more about our commitment and successful collaboration with The Bicester Collection as Graham shares his own experience working with JCB over the years.

Key discussion points:

· 1:17 - Welcoming our quest and understanding the brand’s ethos

· 8:10 - Exploring new avenues for enhancing the customer experience

· 14:07 - The role of collaboration in supporting growth and recovery post pandemic

· 19:10 - Latest trends in the market and what they mean for your brand

· 20:23 - Working together: The value of partnerships in achieving long-term success

· 26:34 - Cultural tendencies and creating bespoke marketing campaigns

You can find out more about our successful partnership with The Bicester Collection in our latest case study here.

About the podcast:

Gateway To Growth is a podcast series from JCB International focused on all things payments related and the trends and innovations that are driving growth in this sector.

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