Start Accepting JCB Payments

How To Become A JCB Merchant

To become a JCB merchant partner, and begin accepting payments, you typically need to follow these easy steps:

Contact your acquirer* to begin to enable JCB payments

  1. Reach out to your acquirer and express your interest in becoming a JCB MERCHANT partner. You can usually find the contact information on the payments information pack you received from them when you signed up.
  2. Once you’ve been able to contact them, ask them to enable JCB PAYMENTS to your POS (point-of-sale) device. This set up is done for free and is easy to do, without disruption to you.
  3. Like all other payment providers, there will be a processing fee that can be explained in more depth by your acquirer.üThe fee is highly competitive for international tourists.
  4. For more support on navigating the complexities of payments, compliance or enabling JCB.
  5. Please email:

*Acquirer: the payments or organisation that processes your payments.

Ordering Your Logos

Get noticed by JCB Cardmembers. Order your JCB logo today!


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