How TheDoubleF and JCB collaborated to expand brand awareness across Asia

JCB and TheDoubleF’s drove new revenues and customers during the campaign promotion. Enhancing TheDoubleF’s brand awareness across Asia.

How this campaign came to life:

From November 2022 to April 2023, JCB partnered with TheDoubleF to offer JCB Cardmembers from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China with a 15% discount when purchasing items worth €250 EURO or more.

The objective:

The main objective for TheDoubleF was to build brand awareness across the APAC region by creating a bespoke promotion to target JCB’s cardmembers, who are known as being valuable.

The campaign promotion landscape:

JCB curated a bespoke media campaign to target specific audience by channel to reach broader distribution.

  • JCB Websites
  • JCB SNS Channels
  • Paid Media

The result:

  • 4.2M+ overall impressions with 65K+ clicks were gained on Google advertising
  • The campaign provided 76.2% increase in net new customers to TheDoubleF
  • The net new customers' average transaction value was 458% higher than the campaign threshold €250 EURO.
  • JCB brought an average spend per transaction which has a notable 46% growth in ATV from Nov – Apr 21/22 to 22/23.

Key learnings:

  • Cardmember demographic – Of all transactions, 75% originated from Japanese cardmembers, followed by 21% from Taiwanese cardmembers. Although the participants from Hong Kong were fewer, their high purchase tickets contributed to the increase in ATV.
  • Marketing audience – The age groups that received the highest number of impressions and interactions were the 25–34 age group in Japan, 45–54 in Taiwan, and 65+ in Hong Kong. Males had a greater number of impressions and interactions, with a particularly strong presence in Japan and Taiwan.

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