Better With Omotenashi

Better With Omotenashi

Knowing you’re covered with the payment protection you need, is just a fraction of what omotenashi means for our acquirers. The reality is more meaningful. It is the assurance of the highest standards of care and support – robust and sustainable compliance and regulation that adheres to international PCI DSS standards. Criteria that ensures Cardmember data is safeguarded, and card transactions are secure. are a global, payments service provider. As such, they needed to know they could offer their clients peace of mind and protection. J/Secure™ 2.0 was just that reassurance. Its authentication prevents unauthorised use of payment at online shopping sites, providing identity verification and account confirmation when needed.

Being there with the right answer at the right time is just a little of what makes omotenashi special. And it’s just another reason why acquirers and merchants are happy to partner with us.

The Art of Omotenashi


Ethos? Approach? Promise? Culture? Art? Omotenashi is all of the above. Its guiding principles mean we apply the highest standards of care, consideration, integrity, and respect, to everything we do. From building a network for growth and value, to protecting our Cardmembers with secure payments technology. It’s why doing business with JCB is so refreshing and unique. And why the payments world is #BetterWithOmotenashi™.

Unpacking Omotenashi

Episode 1 - What is the true power of partnerships for merchants and acquirers?

In this video, we invite Yasoda Ruhee, Head of Partnerships Europe at*, to discuss how the ethos of omotenashi helps to build strong, collaborative relationships.

Episode 2 - Do trust and transparency really drive positive business results?

We think so, and so does Worldpay’s Compliance Director, Charlotte Philo*. She considers the key principles of omotenashi to be honesty, openness and two-way dialogue, and explains how these improve knowledge sharing.

Episode 3 - How can authentic human connections make business flow better for merchants and acquirers?

This video sees us speak with Planet’s Tobi Caesari and The Bicester Collection’s Graham Stanford* about the value of the human touch in business relationships, while taking us through their interpretations of omotenashi.

Find out more about how business is #BetterWithOmotenashi

*Business partners interviewed in October 2023

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