Prioritising brand loyalty and customer confidence

In this episode of the JCB Gateway To Growth podcast, Victoria Perea Usher, VP Marcomms, sits down with Yoshiki Kaneko, President and Chief Operations Officer at JCB International Co., Ltd. to discuss all things brand loyalty.

Prioritising Brand Loyalty and Customer Confidence

Topics explored:

  • Loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Delivering a positive customer experience
  • How JCB works with its partners to reward Cardmembers
  • The benefit to merchants of loyal Cardmembers

Key discussion points:

  • 4:25 - Loyalty means positivity towards a brand
  • 5:25 - Data is a superpower for brands
  • 6:50 - Cardmember reward preferences
  • 8:33 - Cards as lifestyle enablers
  • 12:55 - Value of partnerships
  • 15:00 - Convenience and the customer experience

About the podcast:

The Gateway To Growth is a podcast series from JCB International focused on all things payments related and the trends and innovations that are driving growth in this sector.

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