Better With Omotenashi

Being thoughtful and taking time to anticipate the needs of others is an essential part of who we are. Omotenashi, our business ethos, ensures we provide exceptional care, protection and support for all of our European acquirers. And it’s why our business partners sleep easy knowing we’re there to help them drive business growth.

The Art of Omotenashi


Ethos? Approach? Promise? Culture? Art? Omotenashi is all of the above. Its guiding principles mean we apply the highest standards of care, consideration, integrity, and respect, to everything we do. From building a network for growth and value, to protecting our Cardmembers with secure payments technology. It’s why doing business with JCB is so refreshing and unique. And why the payments world is #BetterWithOmotenashi™.

Omotenashi in Action

At the heart of omotenashi is a mutual benefit – to partners, and Cardmembers. Discover how an integrated payments system and a unified approach to commerce helps drive a seamless customer experience.

Omotenashi means building mutually prosperous partnerships that last. See how we helped The Bicester Collection to increase spend, drive footfall and gain valuable insight through card acceptance and promotional offers across their seven European retail villages.

As a payments provider, we approach problems creatively, working with you to build marketing campaigns to drive results. See how we did just that for Italian brand partner - LuisaViaRoma, where we helped them deliver a 25% increase in net new customers.

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